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The best hunting dog? Which is best for you?

To be able to answer that question, you have to ask yourself, what hunting opportunities do I have and what type of hunting do I want to pursue? Because there are many different types of breeds and they all hunt completely differently. Some dogs work independently for several hours, other breeds you have to control in the smallest detail and this means that the interaction between owner and dog requires a firm hand.

Running hunting dogs

Running hunting dogs are perhaps the most common form of hunting and even here you can divide them into short-legged running hunting dogs and short-running dogs.

Short-legged running hunting dogs

  • Dachshund
  • Drever
  • Basset
  • Beagle

They are the most common dog breeds in short-legged hunting dogs. They are the deer hunter’s best friend and they are also good at hunting deer. hare and fox. These dogs chase the game with shells, because because they are relatively slow, the game is not stressed unnecessarily much. When the hunter gets a shot, the game usually comes at a fairly calm pace.

Short running hunting dogs

  • Wachtel
  • German hunting terrier

These are the distinct short-running hunting dogs. These should chase wildlife for between 5 to 30 minutes. They should walk on fresh tracks and pursue the game with barking. They are relatively fast and therefore they should not pursue the game longer than necessary as this stresses the game. The advantage of these is that if you have a well-functioning short-range hunting dog, it can chase most game in the same area that is being hunted at the moment. When they have pursued the game long enough, they must go back in their own tracks and then look for a new animal to pursue. Pass shooters must, however, be prepared, as the game usually comes with speed when there is a short runner behind.

These dogs may be sharp enough to hunt wild boar, but they are not distinct wild boar dogs.

Standing hunting dogs

It is perhaps the most common hunting dog you can own today, usually these dogs hunt moose but they can also be characterized to stand wild boar. These chase wild animals and mark with barking when the moose is standing still. Should the moose start to walk, the dogs should try to stop the moose and then start barking again. This informs the hunter where the moose is and hopefully the hunter can sneak forward to be able to shoot a safe shot.

Standing Hunting Dogs

  • Jämthunden
  • Gråhund
  • karelsk björnhund
  • Östsibirisk Laika
  • Västsibirisk Laika

Denhunting dogs

The den hunt is hunting for foxes, badgers and raccoon dogs. Then you usually use smaller dogs that go down into the cauldron to either get the game out of the cauldron again or work as a standing dog where it will mark where the game is. The hunter then has to dig down to be able to shoot the game.

Potty dogs must be interested in predators and show deed, but it must also detect when it becomes too dangerous and then back out of the situation.

The most common dendogs are

  • Borderterrier
  • Jack Russel terrier
  • Parson Russel terrier
  • Foxterrier

Gun dogs

There are a variety of dogs that are used for bird hunting. You also have to think about the type of bird hunting you want to do. If you need a retrieving hunting dog, the Labrador retriever is an excellent choice, if you want a standing bird dog, the Pointer is common. You may want an offensive bird dog, then Cocker Spaniel are common.

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Equipment for your hunting dog

To always be prepared when you hunt with your dog, you need some equipment, a cage for the car, leash, first aid bandage, harness, safety vest, GPS, track line. Yes the list can be made endless.

Look here to select the equipment you need for your dog.

Injury risk and insurance

Hunting dogs live a hard life and they are at higher risk of injuries and accidents than ordinary companion dogs. The greatest risk of injury is for dogs that actively hunt wild boar.

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