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How to hunt wildboar at night with bait

You sit quietly in your hut and pour steaming hot coffee from your thermos. You are prepared for the fact that it may be a late night and you have prepared yourself with really warm clothes. Now just wait… suddenly you hear a bunch of twigs breaking near the bait. You sharpen your eyes and ears and all of a sudden they are standing there, the wild boars. What then is required for you to experience this and attract the wild boar to your particular prey? See the tips below about hunting wild boar.

How to choose a location

This step is most important of them all, if you do not carefully choose a good place, you may find it difficult to get the wild boar into your feedingstation.

As wild boars are shy animals, it is important to choose a place where they feel safe, I recommend that you choose a place where the wild boars feel that they can sneak up to the feedingstation and where they can easily go into a protection again if they feel scared. This will mean that you get calm and safe wild boars once they have arrived at the feedingstation.

When choosing a place, think beforehand where you might want to place the hunting tower or hut, it is also important to have shooting directions and a way to for you to sneak up to the hut at night, so you don´t scare the boars.

Now that you have an optimal location for your bait, I recommend that you start by tarring a stump to see if the scent can attract wild boars that are nearby. Examine the place after a few days, it is easy to see if the wild boar has been there and rubbed themselves against the tar. If you find wild boar hair on the stump, you know that they have been there. Now that you know that there are wild boars nearby, it’s time to start feeding.

Feed spreader

Now that we know that there are wild boars nearby, I think it’s time to start feeding food that wild boars love. You can feed with a lot of different things but I think corn works best, it’s something that wild boar really loves. You can throw out the corn yourself daily, but this is time consuming and there is a great risk that other animals will eat the corn before the wild boar has arrived.

The best thing is to invest in a feed spreader, there are ready-made packages to buy but otherwise you can buy a barrel and mount the spreader on. It is then possible to use an old hunting tower which you then place the barrel and spreader on. The feed spreader can be set so that it spreads the corn at the time you want. I usually let my spreaders start around dusk, you often want the wild boar on the bait as early as possible and if there is already corn on the ground when it starts to get dark, you improve the odds of this happening.

If the boars won´t come to your bait station, you can sometimes give the boar a little push with a corn bomb. It is something that the wild boar loves and thinks is absolutely magically good. Throw out the corn bomb on the ground and the wild boar will come to the bait station within a few days.

See recipes on how to make a corn bomb here!


Now you have a spreader and tar, the two most important parts of a bait. The wild boar now comes to your location every night, but you must also have somewhere to sit and watch these animals yourself. This can be solved with a stone, chair, chair backpack, hunting tower but I think a hut is best. It is not uncommon to sit for several hours straight, then it can be nice to avoid the forces of the weather, and most importantly, you also dampen your own scent if you sit in a hut.

Where are you going to set up this hut? It is good to keep track of how the wind usually goes, think about setting the hut so that the wind goes from the feed spreader and the bait towards you. If your scent is over the location, you will never get any wild boars.


One thing that makes it easier to hunt wild boar at prey is a trailcamera, it allows you to keep track of what times the wild boar visit your station, but above all, you know which wild boars visit your feedingstation. You can sit in peace and study the pictures that the camera takes and then see if there is any shootable wild boars. It is an advantage to buy a 4G camera that allows you to send photos directly to either your email or your phone via text message.


Lighting is almost a must if you do not choose to hunt in total darkness or with a thermal sight, this lamp works with a relay that lights up the feed spreaders when it is dark, this allows you to see and select the right wild boar that is there.


Today there is a good night scopes that does not costs to much money and this makes your hunting during the evening and night much easier and more fun, there are two types of sight that are designed to hunt at night. One uses an IR lamp and image intensifier, you get a black and white image in sight with good contours where you can easily select the right game. The second type of sight is a thermal sight that senses the heat what the wild boar emits, it is not as easy to distinguish what type of game you have in the scope, even if it is a sliding wild boar in the sight. I think you should use a handheld thermal binoculars with a dark sight with IR lamp, then you get the best of both worlds.

Regular scope

Of course, it is also possible to use an ordinary honest regular scope. It is best if you have an opening of 56 mm on the scope, but also 40 mm works well. If there is lighting on the location, it may also be possible with smaller openings on the scope.


It is very similar to the attire that may be needed when you are a pass shooter.

However, it can get a little colder and you sit still for several hours, so if you have a hunting suit or something that is equivalent, do not hesitate to use this. The cold is your worst enemy when you sit still for several hours.