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I have a long-standing interest in hunting and outdoor life. Animals and nature have been involved since childhood and since I graduated as a hunter several years ago, hunting has been my primary reason for being out in the woods and nature. I hunt mostly in southern and central Sweden, where gear hunting but also watch hunting of wild boar is close to my heart. I have realized that equipment is an important part of the hunt and if you have the right equipment at the right time, you can focus on what is important, when it comes to the most.

To be able to keep this website up and running and to be able to offer you as a reader the latest and most relevant in hunting and leisure, I have chosen to have links to various products in the articles. If you choose to buy a product via a link, Jaktochfritid.com gets a small penny that makes a big difference to the website’s development. However, I want to promise that the content will always be free and no article is skewed or distorted in any way.

All reviews are the author’s personal opinions and they are not sponsored in any way. All articles should be seen as recommendations and not for any truth, as everything is the author’s own reflections and thoughts. Always follow all laws and regulations that apply in your particular country regarding hunting and leisure, if you are unsure of what applies, then contact the responsible authority.

Via this website Hunting and Leisure, I will convey what I think works well and what to think about in various forms of hunting, hopefully you can be inspired, regardless of whether you have been hunting for 20 years or if you are taking a hunting degree. There must be something for everyone.

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