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A Swazi Nahanni Review

The best hunting jacket?

It was certainly a great demand to get a review in English as well, so here it comes!

I have now for a long time tried and tested a well-known and established brand, Swazi. It has been around for at long time and they have always delivered quality products specialized for hunters. Despite this, you do not see many hunters in Sweden using their products. Of course you have to pay a little extra for their products but they have a lifetime guarantee on many of the products they manufacture and here you really get what you pay for.

Who are Swazi?

Swazi is a company located in New Zealand, they have the majority of their production there but also a factory in Thailand. They specialize in hunting clothes and over time they have produced several different jackets and trousers that fit perfectly in our Nordic climate.

Swazi Nahanni fleece jacket

I chose to try a fleece jacket from them this winter, it has been really cold and I wanted something that keeps the heat well but still does not get too big and awkward.

It was a positive surprise when the jacket arrived, I have used it several times in the woods and in temperatures down to -17 * C without problems. The jacket is light and fits snugly on the body, you never feel trapped in this jacket and there is great freedom of movement.

The fact that it is long and goes down over the buttocks means that you do not freeze as easily on the buttocks and thighs, and when you sit, it insulates a little extra. It comes with a single large pocket with sockets for the hunting radio and a mount for the antenna. The upper part in addition to the sleeves is windproof and it is noticeable, if it blows hard, you keep the heat without problems. If you dress correctly and use layer upon layer, you will be able to use this jacket from early autumn until late spring, it is so versatile. I also think it looks quite nice.

I can miss that the sleeves are not windproof, it is important to have a fairly warm underwear if it is windy. Because it can get cold around the sleeves in strong winds. I also always use my hunting radio outside my pocket, unfortunately this jacket does not work if you do not choose to cut the hole for the antenna. It may not be a big disadvantage for the majority, but for me who is used to always having the radio easily accessible, I think it’s a shame. As you can see, I got a couple of stains on the left part of the jacket.

The jacket is not rainproof and if you are out hunting under strong wind or heavy rain, you should consider using a jacket that is specially designed to protect against rain. This is also why it does not matter so much that the sleeves are not windproof, you need an outer layer that protects against these elements in severe weather conditions.

Not flameproof!

I managed already on the first day that the jacket was used to melt part of the jacket by the campfire. It’s not fun when you stand and cook a delicious lunch over an open fire and then realize that you have melted small holes in the fleece. I was aware that the material was not good to have near an open fire but did not think it would be as sensitive as it is. This is something you should be aware of when using.

Pros and cons

What do I think of this jacket now? I think it is really good and despite the disadvantages mentioned, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Mainly that it is flexible and extremely comfortable to wear. As it is made of fleece, the jacket is not waterproof, you must have a shell jacket over to be able to protect yourself from rain.


  • Light
  • Smooth
  • Nice design
  • Completely quiet material
  • Pocket for hunting radio with holder for antenna
  • Extremely hot


  • Not windproof on the sleeves
  • Not flameproof
  • Not waterproof


  • Fabric: 350 gsm Polar Fleece
  • Layer Top layer
  • Function: Windproof and high breathability
  • Type of weather: Cold and high wind
  • Weight: Size Large 1.1 kg

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