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Swazi Bush Shirt Review – A long term test

A versatile fleece

What can I say .. I like clothes from Swazi, they have for a long time made clothes that are adapted for hunting in extreme climates and they well thought out and very practical.

I have two fleece sweaters of the model Bush Shirt from Swazi, I also bought one for my wife. I have the black one at home and in the garden as a normal cover fleece, the other in the color ”Tussock” I have as an intermediate garment in the woods and while hunting.

I have used this fleece while hunting on most occasions, along with the Swazi Nahanni jacket. To read the test about it, click here.

They are very light and comfortable to wear, if you lived in a windless world, these would have been on me around the clock, even outside. I like how the sleeves close around the wrist and that the collar is high but it is not too tight against the neck. The pocket is quite small and is not used as often as you would like, you can fit a phone or a wallet in the pocket but not much more.

One thing I think is good about these is that they are quite long and go down over the butt, it gives a little extra heat when it is cold.

Something that is both a pros and a disadvantage is that the sweater can not be opened all the way with the zipper, it goes down to a piece above the navel. This makes the sweater feel smoother and better once it is put on and it is easy to open the zipper when it gets too hot. The downside is that it can be cumbersome to put on and take off the sweater.

You do not look really smart when you try to pull the shirt over your head and both the t-shirt and everything else follows up. However, it is rare to need to take off the sweater while hunting, because if it ventilates well, it is enough to pull down the zipper.

Pros and Cons


  • Light
  • Good mobility
  • Dries quickly
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Good design
  • Warms well


  • Not windproof
  • A small pocket

It comes in several different colors and the sweater is very versatile. I really like my Bush Shirts and use them daily, there are some areas for improvement but overall I am more than happy with them. We must not forget that Swazi provides a lifetime guarantee on their clothes, that is a BIG plus.


  • Fabric – 280gsm Polar Fleece
  • Layer – Middle or outer wear
  • Primary function – High breathability
  • Weather conditions – Mild weather, dry weather, cold weather
  • Weight – Size Large weighs 400 grams.

To read this review in Swedish, click here.